In 2014, UAB Baisogalos bioenergija opened a new area of business – breeding, processing of African catfish (Lat. Clarias gariepinus) and preparation of products under the ŽUVĖJA trademark.

Over the years, the ŽUVĖJA range has expanded and now the company produces fresh, smoked, dried and canned products.

Natural, unprocessed raw materials are used in the production process. In addition to technological needs, food additives such as flavour enhancer (E621), preservatives, colourants or other synthetic chemicals otherwise widely used in the food industry are not used in ŽUVĖJA products products.

Sustainable production methods are applied to preserve nutrients, naturally occurring vitamins, a minerals.

Only manual work – no mechanical processing – is used in the production and processing of the product. Sustainable production processes begin with the preparation of live fish for processing. Initially, there is an overexposure stage, when the fish is kept for a certain time in special conditions (running water without food) in order for it to "clean up" and have no foreign smell or aftertaste. This results in a loss of up to 10% of the weight of the fish, but in obtaining the exceptional quality of the raw material.

Later, the non-stress method of killing is used, i.e., the fish is laid on ice and, after cooling, it "falls asleep" peacefully. This allows to preserve all the nutrients vitamins, polyunsaturated and omega acids and obtain a very good fillet structure (such a method of treatment is only suitable for warmwater fish).

Only manual work and simple fileting tools are used in the further production process: knives, fork-holders. The finished products are placed in PP containers and packaged using modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), and gas mixes are usually composed of normal atmospheric gas: carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2)), allowing the product to maintain a consistently high quality throughout its shelf-life. All packaging is made of materials suitable for recycling.

As in cultivation, chemical additives are not used in production, only the best features of this fish are revealed in a natural way, and buyers always receive only the freshest produce.


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